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Year 7 History students make magnificent castles!

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As part of their historical studies, students were asked to design and make their own castles for homework to show what they have learnt in class and to apply it.   The challenge was to make them as accurate as possible and students achieved this, making some amazing castles which they brought into school.  The number and range of castles that students produced was excellent, showing the engagement of students in the topic.  We also ran a homework club where students came and worked together to make castles.  These castles show the different styles of castle that Medieval people made.  Students put in incredible hard work to re-creating accurate models of castles.  The castles showed imagination in the use of materials and lots of effort.  Each form voted on the winning castle for that form, which won a prize.  This is the fourth year that Year 7 students have made castles and they get better each year!