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Update on Closure/Reopening/Testing/Examinations 21st February 2021

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Dear Parents and Carers

First and foremost a huge thank you to all our parents/carers for your hard work at home to support our current remote learning. Through our monitoring of ‘Show My Homework’ and attendance in ‘live lessons’, positive engagement is really high. Obviously we all hope this does not continue for too much longer and all children will be back in school as soon as possible.

The Prime Minister is due to announce on 22nd February when and how schools will reopen. There is huge speculation in the media whether we will follow the PMs reported ‘Big Bang’ approach and all students return on the 8th March, or whether, as its seems to be favoured by the Chief Medical Officer, many scientists and what has already been announced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland a staggered start. At this stage Headteachers do not know. Once the announcement has been made we still have to wait for interpretation and then direction from the Department of Education before I can announce anything formally to parents. Therefore please do be patient and I will inform you as soon as I can.

Since I last wrote about ‘testing’ of students, the guidance has changed on this several times. At the moment it seems all children (unless consent is not provided) will be required to be tested at school before they can return to the classroom.

Despite the announcement nearly two months ago that formal examination for Years 11 and 13 were cancelled we are still waiting from the Department of Education to find out how we assess students. We have been promised that we will know this week. I will inform you as soon as I know more details. However, students in these year groups must continue with their remote learning.

For the current time all our procedures and remote learning remains in place after we return from Half Term.

Lawrence Smith – Headteacher