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English Language


  • Make sure your child reads for a minimum 40 minutes each day.  Split this into 2 sessions of 20 minutes.  There is no benefit in reading for less than 20 minutes at any given time.
  • Your child should have at least one book at home from our school library to read.  However, if they run out of physical books to read, there are many places to find books online.

ReadOn from Renaissance Learning

This is the company who created the Accelerated Reader Programme that your child follows at school.  This site has thousands of books, with advice as to what age group each title is appropriate for.  Also on the site is a newspaper for children, with a range of non-fiction articles to read.  You could set quizzes based on these to test your child’s understanding of what they have read.

Accelerated Reader Book Finder

Any books your child reads could be on the Accelerated Reader programme with a quiz attached.  You can use this website to check what level the book is and whether it has a quiz that your child can do as part of their Accelerated Reader.


Audible (through Amazon) are offering all children’s audio books free of charge while schools are closed.


  • Make sure your child completes one structured writing task each day.  This can be a story, article, review, letter, diary entry, poem…anything that gets them writing.
  • Alongside this, encouraging your child to write a diary, journal or blog is an excellent idea to keep them writing.

The Literacy Shed

This outstanding site offers endless different videos and images to stimulate writing.  Each resource also contains lesson ideas, explaining how the stimulus material can be used to create a piece of writing. 


  • Beyond reading widely and regularly, the best way to support your child in their study of literature is to get them into poetry.  Encourage them to read, and even memorise and recite, a poem each day.

The Poetry Society

This is a great site featuring, not only a range of excellent poems, but lesson ideas as well.  A wealth of inspiration to help young people to write, as well as appreciate, poetry.

National Poetry Day

An excellent collection of poetry, arranged by topic or poet.