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The Team and Facilities:

History results at GCSE have been improving over the last three years.  There is a dedicated team of three History specialists, including the Leader of History. We are a small but enthusiastic team bringing different strengths and ideas to the teaching of History.  Lessons are based on a wide range of resources and activities, including a variety of History books that students of all ages can access.


Key Stage 3:

At Key Stage 3 we introduce students to historical concepts and skills as well as exploring different historical periods.  Throughout the course in years 7 and 8 we encourage students to investigate History from the UK, Europe and across the world. Students really enjoy the lessons, which enables them to engage with new and interesting concepts, times and people.

We follow the national curriculum, looking at the History of England and the UK from 1066 to 1900 in order to understand the country in which we live today and how it developed.  We also put this into an international context by considering the role of the UK in the world and how the wider world has impacted on the development of the UK, such as the industrial revolution.


Key Stage 4:

Students who choose History as an option at GCSE begin with a specially developed programme in Year 9 designed to develop their skills for the GCSE. Year 9 focus on Twentieth Century History, studying a broad range of people and places and introducing concepts such as democracy, dictatorship, communism and capitalism.

In Years 10 and 11 those who have chosen to do the GCSE will follow the AQA board. Students will study a wide range of topics covering the UK and the world. This includes the American West, the Cold War, the History of Medicine and Elizabethan England. They will develop their ability to critically evaluate information, examining sources and reaching conclusions.

This will be examined at the end of Year 11 in 2 separate exams. For more information on the course please have a look at our specification.


Key Stage 5:

At Key Stage 5 we follow EDEXCEL examination board. In Year 12 we focus on the theme of rights and freedoms in the twentieth century, looking at the USA and at South Africa.  In Year 13 we study the British experience of warfare, 1790-1918, including the Napoleonic wars and World War One.  Students also complete a 3,500 essay on an interpretation relating to the French Revolution as coursework.  This coursework is excellent preparation for the researching and essay writing skills which are essential at university.

Students find this course extremely challenging but highly rewarding. We read a lot and we write a lot of essays. We make no apologies for this and with the expert help of our teachers we have helped our students make significant progress in their writing. This is very helpful for our students most of whom go on to university.

The course is on the list of subjects that both Oxford and Cambridge think is a “good” a level. This is not just for students interested in social sciences and humanities. The hard sciences require students to reason and analyse but many university courses in science will also require students to produce a 10,000 word dissertation in their third year. The support we give in developing complex writing is not to be underestimated.

Subject Year Group Exam Board Specification
History 9 AQA

GCSE History (8145)

History 10 AQA

GCSE History (8145)

History 11 AQA GCSE History (8145)
History 12 Pearson Edexcel A Level History (9HI0)
History 13 Pearson Edexcel A Level History (9HI0)