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The School Library is here to support teaching and learning across the whole school by:

  • providing resources that support the curriculum for students to use outside lesson times
  • providing books that facilitate the development of student literacy levels through Reading for Pleasure, to help improve their ability to learn across all subjects, as part of the Accelerated Reader scheme
  • contributing to the development of student skills in researching & handling information


The School Library on the first floor, is open at lunchtimes and after school for students to:

  • Choose, borrow & return books
  • Find books & websites to help with their studies
  • Read or work quietly
  • Quiz & discuss Accelerated Reader with Library Staff

Students may also come to the library with their class, as arranged by their teacher with the librarians.


All the library resources can be seen on our Eclipse Online Library System which can be accessed both at home and in school.

This provides students with access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to hand-picked helpful websites and books that can help with their studies, along with a multitude of books to read for pleasure and as part of the Accelerated Reading Scheme within the school (further details below).

Students are able to browse and reserve books, read news, submit reviews, or look at current and past loans, at school and at home.


Our Eclipse online library service, with access to hand-picked helpful websites, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed in one of two ways:

Via iMLS app on your phone or tablet – it’s free!

In site: search for Wexham School Sports College


Via Internet Explorer and downloading Silverlight (free!)

Or with another browser giving a different layout


You can enter as a guest, or students login using the same login as for the school network and then enter their date of birth DDMMYYYY as the password, to enable access to browse and reserve books, read news, submit reviews, or look at current and past loans.


We run weekly reading groups for students to come together and share stories, talking about books and reading, and the adventures they’ve been on in a book!

Anyone interested is welcome to join the students who already come from Year 7 upwards and also to our Sixth Form Reading Group for more adult reading – just let us know you want to come!


Students are invited to recommend books and websites and request any books not currently available in the Library by completing a RECOMMENDATION & REQUEST form and handing it to a member of Library Staff.

Whenever possible, the book will be purchased and the student advised when it becomes available in the Library for them to come and collect.


Some books require parental permission for certain year groups to read and this is provided by parents writing in this week’s planner page “I give permission for [STUDENT] to read [BOOK TITLE]” and signing with the usual planner signature for all previous weeks or by signing the sticker put in the planner by the Library [already giving the book/series details] to agree to the same.


Students are allocated two weeks to read any books they borrow from the Library it is the students’ responsibility to return or renew books before the date given on the sheet at the front of the book, when they borrow it. 

For students who struggle to develop this responsibility, we will remind them through their tutor, when their books are over 7 days overdue.  However, if they still fail in their responsibility, we will issue them with a Lead of Year detention if they have not returned the books by the time they are 28 days overdue.

For those who do not come to the Library to sort out overdue books, there is a book return box outside the Library doors to return books when the Library is closed.


We use the Accelerated Reading Scheme at Wexham, because of the contribution that good literacy skills make to all learning in all subjects.  At its heart it is simple: a student reads a book, takes an online quiz, and gets immediate feedback.

The School Library is the hub of the Accelerated Reading (AR) Programme operated within the school to bring students’ literacy levels up to the very best they can be, to give them all the opportunities in life that may be available to them.

For further details of the Accelerated Reader Scheme there is a parent’s guide here.

Meanwhile, student progress is recorded on the Accelerated Reader Page of the student’s planner, where further details can be found for everyday use of the scheme.