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Student Voice at Wexham School

Student participation is a crucial part of Wexham School. We pride ourselves on having an active, dynamic and passionate student body who help make key decisions and inform the day to day running of Wexham School. We care about what the students think and take time to listen to them. Student Voice is engaged in many different ways at Wexham School including, School Council, Digital Leaders, Learning Leaders and Student Voice questionnaires.

The Student Council

The Student Council are a democratically elected organisation made up of Tutor and Year Student Representatives from Years 7-13. At the beginning of each academic year students from each tutor group campaign to become the Tutor Representative. Once selected the Tutor Representatives present their manifesto’s to the Year group in assembly. The Year group then vote for which of the Tutor Representatives should become the Year Representative.

2019-2020 Year Representatives are:

  • Year 7 - Jerell Johnson - 7 Brunel and Harijeeth Parvatha – 7 Pankhurst
  • Year 8 - Fahmi Iddi  – 8 Brunel
  • Year 9 - Kamo Ochal - 9 Brunel
  • Year 10 – Shujaa Tahir - 10 Pankhurst and Numa Mughal - 10 Deacon
  • Year 11 - Prayag Bassi - 11 Deacon
  • Year 12 – Sana Ahmed - 12 ROW
  • Year 13 – Hamdi Noor - 13CUR

One of the main successes of the student council this year has been to undertake a detailed survey which canvassed the opinions of the whole student population (Years 7-13) about a wide range of issues and improvements that they want made to the school, the Student Council then analysed the results of their surveys and have been subsequently working hard on making those improvements. As a result of this they are currently working with the Senior Leadership Team on updating the schools rewards system. Watch this space!

The student council have also been actively involved in the appointment of new members of staff including the new Assistant Head teachers and the Head of Sixth Form. They interviewed the candidates and fed back their views to Mr Smith and the Senior Leadership Team.

The Student Council played a leading role in the successful Sport Relief day. They raised funds, delivered assemblies and calculated the distance that the Wexham Students walked that day. The Student Council did an excellent job and helped raise over £1400 for Sport Relief 2016.