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Student Voice at Wexham School

Student participation is a crucial part of Wexham School. We pride ourselves on having an active, dynamic and passionate student body who help make key decisions and inform the day to day running of Wexham School. We care about what the students think and take time to listen to them. Student Voice is engaged in many different ways at Wexham School including, School Council, Sixth Form, SLT, Learning Leaders and Student Voice questionnaires.

The Student Council

The Student Council are a democratically elected organisation made up of Tutor and Year Student Representatives from Years 7-13. At the beginning of each academic year students from each tutor group campaign to become the Tutor Representative. Once selected the Tutor Representatives present their manifesto’s to the Year group in assembly. The Year group then vote for which of the Tutor Representatives should become the Year Representative.

2022-23 Year Representatives are:

  • Year 7 - Honour Kells 
  • Year 8 - Aaliyah Ifill  
  • Year 9 - Bartek Kwasnik
  • Year 10 – Jayna Nasibu
  • Year 11 - 
  • Year 12 – Kamo Ochal/Dishaa Aulakh 
  • Year 13 – Emmanuel Nwokorie

The School Council are an effective driver of positive change at Wexham School. They continue to work closely with Mr Smith and the Senior Leadership Team to implement a number of developments that benefit the students at Wexham School considerably. One of the most important of these was the improvement of the school's reward system. After consulting with and canvassing the opinions of the student body the School Council developed a proposal of ideas which reflected the views of the tutor groups they represented. The Year Representatives then pitched their ideas to the Senior Leadership Team. The ideas were welcomed and incorporated into the reward policy and the school now has a clearer and more motivational reward structure which the students are really appreciating.

The School Council play a leading role in a range of charity events at Wexham School. Recent Sports and Comic Relief events have been organised and delivered by the School Council. These events have been really well received by the student population and the wider community. The activities have been innovative, engaging and extremely prosperous for the charities involved. The School Council raised in excess of £1700 for Comic Relief.

The Student Council have also been actively involved in the appointment of new members of staff, They have delivered assemblies and through a consultation with all the student were able to choose what to spend nearly £10,000 on when the Headteacher asked them to prioritise, research and budget for items from the money provided to the school by the Soft Drinks Industry Levy.