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Year 7 September 2021 Starters for our new parents

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I would like to thank all parents for choosing Wexham and joining an expanding School with amazing space and facilities, learning, a fantastic community and friendly, dedicated students and staff.

Due to the current school closure and restrictions our normal Year 6 Induction Programme will sadly not be able to go ahead as usual. Instead the following will happen.

  • All parents that have either accepted a place at Wexham or remain on the Local Authority's Allocated list will have received a pack from me that was posted on Thursday 8th June. The pack included a welcome letter to the school, our Induction Booklet and an admissions/data collection sheet and a pre-paid envelope in which to return it to us. If you have not received this pack please contact the school. Our Induction Booklet can also be found below to download. 
  • Our Transition Team will, where we can, visit your child in their primary school before the end of term and/or speak with their teachers. 
  • Nearer the end of term all parents will be invited into the school for a individual meeting with one of my Induction Team. This meeting will be vital and will of course be socially distanced. 
  • The first day of school for Year 7 is the 6th of September. Of course this may change under our current circumstances and I will communicate this to parents should this be the case. We will also seek to expand our normal induction programme in September to take into account the cancellation of July's events. 
  • The member of staff overseeing induction and transition is Mrs Spina-Beatty Assiatant Leader of Year 7. 
  • If your child has an Education Health Care Plan either Mrs Tidey, Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Theis, Deputy SENCO or Mrs Curran, Leader of the Autistic Resource Base will also be in contact.