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Year 8

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Year 8 at Wexham School is a fulfilling and exciting year, enhanced by extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities. Following the transition from Year 7 to Year 8 and the new opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, Year 8 is the time to consolidate what has been achieved so far and plan what next steps to make.

A key focus in Year 8 is to prepare pupils for their GCSE options which take place during the academic year.  In order for pupils to enjoy their education and to be successful, it is vital that pupils select the most appropriate academic pathway.  In order to do this, Year 8 attend a variety of career and subject based trips, workshops, assemblies and 1 on 1 meetings to ensure they have excellent knowledge of the wide variety of subjects currently available at Wexham School.

As with other years, there is a comprehensive extra-curricular programme running throughout Year 8, both before school, at lunchtime and after school. We also have a number of sports teams competing at all levels throughout Slough and the county. We are immensely proud of the number of pupils we have competing across the different sports. There is a pride in striving to do your best for yourself, your school and, for some, your county.  In addition to this we also host an interform competition each half term where students compete in a range of sports against their fellow year group.

Throughout the year there are a variety of trips including Whipsnade Zoo, Natural History Museum, local theatres and sporting facilities such as Wimbledon and Thames Valley Athletics Centre. In addition to that we also host a summer festival for Wexham and local primary school students, which includes a showcase for student’s artistic, musical and dramatic talents as well as a variety of stalls and activities. 

The progress of every gifted and talented student is very important to us at Wexham and we aim to ensure that all learners are continually stretched and challenged. Provision for gifted and talented students is firmly embedded in our Year 8 Gifted and Talented programme. This is done through 3 main elements: differentiated and extension tasks during lessons, mentoring individual students and enrichment activities and visits.

Year 8 has been an extremely successful year so far with fantastic progress, uniform and attendance which we will continue to develop.