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Year 9

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As the Year 9 team we are committed to providing each and every student in the year group with outstanding pastoral and academic support. We are a skilful, enthusiastic and well organised team who pride ourselves on upholding the high standards of Wexham School. We are proud of our hardworking, high achieving cohort and continue to work collaboratively with students and parents alike to improve both the academic progress and social skills of all our students.

The Year 9 team work tirelessly to ensure that students of all abilities are afforded the opportunity to be challenged and flourish academically. We have relished providing opportunities for the ‘Gifted and Talented’ group to reach their potential this year. They have had the chance to work with recognised author Bali Rai and have even write their own novels! The Gifted and Talented group have also taken part in critical thinking workshops, visited New Buckinghamshire University to get an early taster of University life and are getting ready for a residential trip to Devon in June.

Students in Year 9 are expected to work to the best of their abilities both inside and outside the classroom. They are set homework each week which is recorded by the student in their planner and completed at home.  The students are given a homework timetable at the beginning of the academic year to assist them with this aspect of school life. Working outside the classroom has taken on an even greater importance in Year 9 as the students have started GCSEs in Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology and Creative Arts.

One of the main focuses for Year 9 this academic year has been making their ‘subject pathway’ choices. The Year team have provided valuable information and advice to all the students in our care to ensure that they were well informed about the options available to them. To support this process further the Year team took all Year 9s to the Slough Aspire Careers Fair in March and organised follow up ‘Kudos’ careers sessions with an expert careers advisor afterwards. These opportunities alongside the assemblies and progress review meetings allowed our students to make well informed and suitable ‘subject pathway’ choices at this critical stage of their education.

The extra-curricular opportunities for Year 9’s are excellent. The students have utilised the state of the art sports facilities and outstanding coaching to perform with real success in Football, Cricket and Rounders. Dance is popular amongst the year group and the ‘dance crew’ have performed at several high profile school and public events to widespread acclaim. Student Voice is of crucial importance at Wexham School and Year 9 have participated brilliantly at every level. The student elections were a huge success and we are proud of the contributions the Year 9 tutor and year representatives have made to the student council. The Childnet Digital Leader programme received an overwhelming number of applicants. The Year 9 team were delighted that five Year 9 students were successful in their applications and are now undertaking training to become fully fledged ‘Digital Leaders’! 

What did the Year 9’s say?

"There are many things I enjoy about Wexham and one of the things is being able to do a project with a well-known author. I was able to write my own story and experiment with different ideas. Also to study dance in this school is good. Finally, I am able to participate in many after school activities adding to the good information going on to my school file. There are many opportunities at Wexham and I enjoy being able to experience these."


"In Wexham School there is a number of interesting things that take place. One of the amazing things that took place was the careers event. I enjoyed the careers event because all the students got to learn about different careers and the pros and cons of every job. That was very helpful and it gave everyone an idea of what they would prefer to do when they are older. Another important event was choosing our GCSE options. We had a number of assemblies which gave us information about the different pathways making it easier to select our options.


"Year 9 is when my school educational life became a serious matter. Throughout my time in Wexham they have provided plenty of opportunities to have a better future. Every opportunity taken is a better future ahead and the closer you are to achieving your dreams. Opportunities such as Careers Day, University Taster Days and Museum Tours and lectures."


“I enjoy Year 9 I have excellent teachers, my form tutors are friendly I’ve really enjoyed being part of the Gifted and Talented Group we have been to the Natural History Museum and I’ve even written a story with the author Bali Rai! Starting GCSEs has been fun, we’ve learnt so many new things.”


“Form time really helps me academically as I am able to work with people know well. Bali Rai was great in the first session we wrote down how we felt about the school. When we started making the stories he taught us how we could put our voice into the characters so the readers would know how we felt. We have started GCSEs in Maths and Science, I have enjoyed learning the new topics and feel they will benefit me in the real world. In Science we do experiments with Mr Beik we get to see the equations come to life”


"I think year 9 is the best year of all years. This is because you have the opportunity to study your GCSEs!”


"I have enjoyed most of the things in year 9. I liked the teachers trips and I have taken part in a lot of sports events and other things. I loved Sports Day, soft ball matches, football matches and interform."