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Year 9

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Welcome to Year 9

Year 9 is an extremely important year in a student’s development at Wexham.  Year 9 is focused on preparing the students for the academic transition from Key Stage three to Key Stage four.  The students will be working towards deciding their subject pathways and this is an incredibly important process that will decide the direction of their education for the next two academic years at Wexham.  The school diligently prepares the students in Year 9 for the subject content in examination courses in Years 10 and 11.  Our expert staff guide and support the students in this process to ensure that they make the right decisions and ultimately be successful in their subjects and have positive outcomes at the end of Year 11.

To support the students in their preparation for Key Stage four, the highly dedicated tutor team and teaching staff aim to develop the students study skills further.  This aids the students to become more analytical learners and develop an in depth understanding of subject content as they progress.

In addition to developing their academic progress and achievement, the year team staff are highly committed to providing an outstanding level of pastoral support for the students in our care.  Through the tutor group programme the year team provide a supportive and well-structured provision that enables the students to become well rounded individuals.


Throughout Year 9 there are many opportunities available to the students, both through the curriculum and the extra-curricular provision.  More recently students have had the opportunity to become involved in the vital Student Council.  This student body is vital in giving the students a real voice in the development of the school and all aspects of their education, academically and from a pastoral perspective.   The elections were outstanding and gave many students the opportunity to make a positive contribution towards the wider school as well as promoting the core British Values.

In the coming year the students will have many opportunities to develop their skills and broaden their horizons.  These opportunities will be in the form of the Healthy Lifestyles Programme, leadership opportunities in and outside the curriculum and team building.  All of these opportunities are focussed on giving the students the opportunity to develop their skills and attributes in preparation for the challenges ahead.  


Students are inspired by the expert teaching staff and through the curriculum provision by the subject content that is meticulously taught and brought to life through first class teaching and learning.  They have the opportunity to be involved in engaging practical experiments in Science, exploring literature in English, taking a journey through History and experiencing success on the sports field in Physical Education.  

To complement the diverse curriculum, in Year 9 the school provides a plethora of inspirational and enriching opportunities outside the curriculum.  Every subject has a programme of enrichment activities that will help every student experience success and joy outside the classroom.  From a full programme of sporting activities to house competitions in a wide range of subject areas, the co-curricular provision inspires all students alike.


All of the teaching staff at Wexham are fully committed to providing the best educational provision that will enable all students to be successful and provide a platform for future success.  This success will be in the form of all students achieving and exceeding their potential in every aspect of school life in Year 9.  The school provides every opportunity for each student to be successful in their journey at Wexham and beyond.

Let’s hear from some of our Year 9 Form Tutors:

As a Year 9 form tutor, I am proud and humbled to be able to support my form through a transitional period of their lives and preparing them for the next step in their journey at Wexham.  Every day, we work to help them cope with the challenges that a Year 9 faces, but also to celebrate the many joys, like Sports Day, the school trip to Boscombe Bay, and even small victories like a good grade or an act of kindness. Each tutor group is its own support network of friends, and seeing them flourish and work together every single day is one of the highlights of my day, and being able to expose them to different aspects of life through our robust PSHE program is extremely rewarding.                                 Mr S Nicole, Year 9 Form Tutor

Being a form tutor at Wexham School is one of the important and engaging parts of my role at the school. The pastoral programme at Wexham is extremely well organised and has clearly been very carefully thought through. The students at the school frequently engage with challenging and contemporary debates, while also developing the essential skills they need to succeed in the wider world. The focus for literacy and reading for pleasure is one of the great strengths of the school and I believe that the Year 9 pastoral system truly allows for students to continue to develop their own identity as readers.

As a teacher of a core subject, my work with students is generally very focussed on how they progress and succeed in English, the experience of being a form tutor allows me to support students to a range of different successes and to see the full extent of their talents and passions. In Year 9 particularly, the students are growing in independence and it is a real privilege to be able to support this, as the students find their way in the world.                                                                                                              Miss G Reed, Year 9 Form Tutor

Let’s hear from some of our Year 9 Students:

"I enjoy being in Year 9 lessons because of the teachers here at Wexham.  They make lessons enjoyable and make lessons challenging.  Also, the opportunities that we get to spend with our friends and make memories, like the Boscombe Bay school trip that we recently went on" Jaimy

"I like the variety of the after school clubs that the school offers.  I also like the opportunities that are given to us." Nicola

"I enjoy Wexham because of the support that you get in lessons.  I also like the teachers.  I really like Science because of all the experiments that we get to do in lessons.  There are also lots opportunities to go on school trips as well." Humzah