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The Team and Facilities:

The Geography team at Wexham School has achieved good results over the last three years showing continual improvement. There is a dedicated team of four geography specialists; this includes the Leader of Geography. We are a dedicated and passionate team with lots of teaching experience. We are proud of our lesson resources and excellent behaviour management. Geography is a very popular subject at Wexham where we stimulate curiosity about the natural and human worlds, about places and people from the local area to distant countries.


Key Stage 3:

Throughout the KS3 course we believe that it is important that students are able to understand and study basic concepts of geography. An enquiry based approach enables students to develop their geographical skills, knowledge and understanding. We like to focus on real people, places and issues for inspiration; encouraging students to take an active approach to learning about the world around them.

We believe that we should equip pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments. During the KS3 curriculum, we give a deeper understanding about areas and teach current issue topics. For example, ‘focus on the Middle East’, Africa and Economic geographic in the United Kingdom. As pupils progress at Wexham, their growing knowledge about the world helps them deepen their understanding of the interaction between physical/human processes and the formation of landscapes as well as different environments.  During year 7 and 8, students will gasp understanding of rivers and coasts.  Levelled assessments will be set for each unit studied and will form part of the student’s geography level. Along with ongoing marking of students’ books, this will be used as an indicator towards their level of attainment.


Key Stage 4:

All students who enter year 9 will follow the AQA A specification. The popular combination of engaging subject content, a clear and manageable assessment structure makes our students enjoy the subject.

Students studying geography will be able to:

  • study physical processes and how they produce diverse and dynamic landscapes over time
  • learn about the interdependence of physical environments and the interaction between people and the environment
  • Receive balanced and manageable coverage of both Physical and Human Geography.
Subject Year Group Exam Board Specification
Geography 9 AQA GCSE Geography (8035)
Geography 10 AQA GCSE Geography (8035)
Geography 11 AQA GCSE Geography: (8035)