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Year 10 has the promise to be an exciting and rewarding year with the challenges it brings for all of us in the year group.  It seems barely believable that my year group have already completed Key Stage 3 and are almost mid-way through their Key Stage 4 courses at Wexham.   It’s amazing how quickly school years pass by!

This year I set out my challenge to the year group, which is for all pupils to maximise their potential so as they can achieve the very best examination grades possible.  It is not realistic to expect all pupils in the year group to achieve all A*grades at GCSE but they all have the opportunity to achieve excellence in their final GCSE’s when measured against their potential.

In order to help the Year 10 pupils achieve their full potential, myself and the team of Year 10 tutors have continued to support our pupils throughout this academic year.  This takes a variety of forms depending on the individual pupils needs; with the primary aim of ensuring all our pupils leave Wexham with both the best possible GCSE grades and the best life chances.

As always we appreciate the support from the parents of our pupils in ensuring they complete their homework, are coming to school prepared with the correct equipment to learn and have a good standard of uniform.  We also appreciate the support of parents who help encourage their children in maintaining a high level of attendance and good punctuality.  All of which are aspects of school life which will directly impact on their future lives beyond school.

It is not all work being a member of Year 10 at Wexham school and the tutors and I encourage all pupils to get involved in the wide range of extra-curricular activities we have available in school.  I strongly believe we offer something for everyone whether it’s sports, art, drama, music, technology, school trips or student voice.  We recently ran a very successful project for 29 Year 10 pupils with Lawyers from the Centrica headquarters in Windsor and this will culminate in a celebration event at the Centrica headquarters for all pupils involved.

The Year 10 tutors and I look forward to working in partnership with all parents to support the pupils throughout the remainder of their KS4 studies at Wexham with the aim that they all achieve their full potential.  My idea of success is that every pupil in the year not only achieves their best possible examination grades but are also young people we would happily employ or live next door to!

When asked to sum up their life in Wexham in a sentence these are a few of the responses I received from a group of Year 10 students.

“The tutor system is great!  You see your tutor every day which helps you build a strong relationship with other students in your year.  Most importantly your tutor is the person you can go to for help and support”

“There is constant opportunity to get involved and take your learning beyond the classroom”

“My teachers prepare me well for my upcoming GCSE’s so I feel very supported and well taught at Wexham”

“I enjoy my time at Wexham as I have great teachers who give me enjoyable lessons”

“Being part of Student Voice has boosted my social skills”

“I enjoy going to Wexham School because the teachers are friendly and I’ve made many good friends here”

“Being at Wexham has turned my life around”